Stay Home, Read Some Good Writing, and Then Punch A Nazi

Greetings, y'all. Especially fellow citizens of these United States who are witnessing what happens when you avoid being honest about our country's history. I originally planned on writing an angry post, but then I got distracted by the open tabs of cool articles I've been meaning to read. Here are a few of them:


1. A 2:15 Alarm, 2 Trains and a Bus Get Her to Work by 7 A.M.

A timeline of one woman's grueling, 3-hour commute to work in the wake of the Bay Area housing crisis.


2 . Public Enemy

This hilarious transcript of the jury selection for the securities fraud trial of anthropomorphic scrotum, Martin Shkreli.



3. Washington's Runaway Slave

Two first-person interviews with Oney "Ona" Judge, a former slave of George Washington who ran away and later told how she had no desire to return to the family.  Also, check out this other ex-slave narrative of Wesley Norris, who belonged to Robert E. Lee. Lee married George Washington's step-great-grandaughter, and if Ona had stayed, she would've been passed down to him.


4. How Women In The KKK Were Instrumental To Its Rise

Historian Linda Gordon shares an excerpt from her new book The Second Coming of the KKK. She describes how women were key to the hate group's expansion and parallel's white conservative women's support of Trump today. What may surprise people (not black women, of course) is how many of these Klan women espoused feminist and suffragist ideals in pursuit of racism and terror. Reading this should disabuse people of the idea that white women living in the patriarchal South - and North (!) because the Klan stretched far and wide - were helpless victims on the sidelines instead of active participants in oppression.

The reason you stay here is for the thrill of constantly encountering people who are smarter and more interesting than you. But almost everything else about the city – the weather, the poor infrastructure, the overpriced and mediocre food scene, the subway system, the traffic, the idea that what you do is who you are – grates.
— Hanya Yanagihara


6Stella Meghie Is a Black Auteur for Our Times

The stellar Fariha Róisín interviews the equally talented writer/director Stella Meghie.



7. New Short Film Discusses Black Identity as an American Ex-Pat in Paris

Writer/Director Tamara P. Carter premieres her excellent short The Paris Project, starring renaissance man Terence Nance, and does a Q&A with former boss Damon Lindelof from The Leftovers

And because I'm on the subject of people getting their black asses the hell out of Dodge aka America...


8. Choose your own adventure in Iceland's Westfjords

I'm going to Iceland in a week and a half (more details soon!). While researching the trip, I found this travel blog on Lonely Planet about the wilderness of Iceland with such gorgeous, enviable views. Just look at this.


Anyway, that's it for now!