A self-portrait of the writer using a cellular phone apparatus  - 2017

A self-portrait of the writer using a cellular phone apparatus

- 2017


Morgan Collins is a writer currently living in Los Angeles. She grew up in Stone Mountain, GA, where she learned that sugar goes in your iced tea and never in your grits. She later attended The University Florida and studied political science with a focus on how culture influences international relations. Her research on the political effects of film and television led her to screenwriting, eventually studying at the University of Southern California.

A 2015 graduate of USC's Writing for Screen & Television program, Morgan is a recipient of her program's Josh Schwartz Award for Excellence in TV Writing and was a faculty nominee for the HUMANITAS Student Fellowship. She's also been a semi-finalist for the Sundance Episodic Lab and the HBOAccess Fellowship and placed in the Second Round of the Austin Film Festival's screenwriting competition. Her feature Canned Cranberries is a current Quarterfinalist for the 2017 Academy Nicholl Fellowship. 

When she's not crafting TV pilots and features, Morgan enjoys writing short fiction, including this fan fiction of Gilmore Girls.  She's also written about film and television here, here, and here. Oh and she sometimes passes the time analyzing Ray-J's (aKa Brandy's brother's) fame.

One day she hopes to own a Schnauzer named Bismarck.